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RMCAD Online gives you the tools to learn, create,
and build a portfolio from wherever you are.



Learn from anywhere.

Whether you choose to pursue your degree on campus or online, you’ll always have the flexibility to mix up your course delivery methods. That means if you want to pursue your degree on campus, but still take a few classes online for the cost savings and flexibility—you can!

Online learning allows you to adapt your educational experience to fit your lifestyle. Whether you have weekday responsibilities to work around, or you simply focus better at night, our online courses offer an adaptable schedule that you can easily tailor to suit your needs from one semester to the next. Technological innovations have made it easier than ever to break down the barriers of time and distance, so now there’s nothing stopping you from pursuing the career of your dreams.


Instruction at RMCAD has always emphasized community, collaboration, innovation, and personal attention—and we’ve incorporated these same philosophies into the design of our online courses. The same talented faculty  ho teach on-campus courses also develop and lead our online courses, backed by certifications in online teaching and course design, and supported by a team of media developers. These synergies among the entire RMCAD team have inspired our online approach, and enable us to bring the true campus experience to you, right where you are.


  • One-click communication
  • Dynamic Collaborative Tools
  • Personalized Learning and Support
  • Active Student Community

Because collaboration and networking are critical to professional success, one of our primary goals is to keep you connected. Our online environment integrates one-click communication with faculty, fellow students, and guest lecturers. We immerse you in a technology-rich environment and help you to build your own personal and professional network online.

Our online environment is loaded with engaging communication tools: video and multimedia content display studio instruction and other faculty demonstrations; our Critique Zone creates a collaborative space for feedback and discussion; and the live classroom environment enables real-time connections with your professors and peers. All of these tools and more are integrated into our customized, web-based Learning Management System. In addition, RMCAD’s online help desk is available to assist students with logging into classes, posting questions and comments, submitting homework, and any unforeseen technical issues. Students also have access to our online library and tutoring resources, and can interact with classmates and teachers through various advanced applications.


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