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Innovation in Industry in Heriot-Watt University

Oil and Gas Innovation MSc


The Oil and Gas Innovation MSc is a collaboration between the Oil & Gas Innovation Centre (OGIC) and a range of Scottish Universities, including the University of Aberdeen (lead), Heriot-Watt, Strathclyde University, University of St Andrews, Glasgow Caledonian University, University of the Highlands and Islands and Robert Gordon University.

It is a project-led masters programme which will give students the skills and knowledge to develop new technologies in oil and gas exploration, production and decommissioning.


Why study Oil and Gas Innovation at Heriot-Watt?

  1. Unique opportunity to benefit from the expertise of staff at our Institute of Petroleum Engineering as well as experts at the Universities of Aberdeen and Strathclyde.
  2. Learn how to identify, develop and commercialise innovations for the oil and gas industry.
  3. Part-time study option available, enabling participants to apply their new skills and knowledge in their current employment role.


Our students The Oil and Gas Innovation MSc by Research is aimed at:

  • Technical staff who have identified an innovation or have expertise likely to yield innovative solutions and want to learn how to commercialise these.
  • Business developers who have identified an opportunity to innovate in the oil and gas sector and seek to understand the framework of the industry and its supply chain.
  • Managers or technical staff who are seeking innovative solutions for their challenges and want to equip themselves with the knowledge and leadership skills to enable their companies to identify, validate and commercialise possible solutions.
  • Graduates in engineering or science, who have the qualities and ideas required to become leaders in innovation.


Programme duration

This programme is available as a one-year full-time degree or part-time over two or three years.


Career opportunities

The MSc in Oil and Gas Innovation will give participants the chance to launch or accelerate their career in the oil and gas industry. On completion graduates will be equipped with a strong set of skills and competencies to both generate and commercialise innovations for the oil and gas sector.

Students will be able to:

  • Identify and create innovative ideas by analysing issues related to the oil and gas industry
  • Develop business plans and undertake market research to appropriately market new technical innovations
  • Identify funding opportunities and effectively pitch innovation propositions
  • Understand how to protect intellectual property (IP) and understand the regulatory frameworks applicable to the industry.


Project in Oil and Gas Innovation (Heriot-Watt)

The project offers students the opportunity to use their acquired knowledge in a practical application.

  • Students will undertake an innovation project – under supervision – as the basis for the completion of a dissertation which is the culmination of the taught coursework of the MSc in Oil and Gas Innovation.
  • The work requires reference to and integration of the various taught elements, independent research (data collection, analysis, interpretation), together with a general knowledge of all aspects of innovation (including political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal factors).
  • Normally projects will involve working with an industry partner, and students can be based in industry for this project.

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