My name is Mastaneh, currently i am doing my PhD in the joint project between Italy and university of Innsbruck in Austria in the field of Ecology. I got my master degree in plant science from Wageningen university in Netherlands. Studying abroad was a very good experience for me and i am very happy that i could have a chance to do it. while i belive that finding the best way and the possibilities for studying abroad is a very important and crucial step which can determine the rate of success. I was very lucky to got in contact with Sam Education who help me a lot from the  beginning . They have a very comprehensive information about the universities, requirements to apply , admission and finding the possible fundings  and they gave me very good support during all these steps. I am sure that it could be very hard for me to study in Europe with out having a scholarship and i am very glad that they inform me  about a special scholarship (NFP ) and gave me all the information to apply for it. Finally i got the scholarship which covered all my expenses for the university and living cost for two years in Netherlands. i am very grateful to Sam Education for their kind help and great advise which help me a lot to reach my goal to study abroad.


2- Yalda

I first met Bouda while finishing my studies in Animal Breeding and Genetics at the University of Tehran, Iran. I was fascinated with my field and wanted to pursue my dream of becoming a world class Geneticist by getting into the best agriculture universities in the world. I had started looking for opportunities to study abroad, but of course as someone new to this I was lost among all the overwhelming information available online and had no clue about the process. I was fortunate to meet Bouda and he helped me change my life and realize my dreams. At that time, he was doing his PhD at Wageningen University in The Netherlands which I believe to be one of the best agriculture schools in Europe. That year, Wageningen was serving as the co-coordinator of a prestigious European joint Master program in Animal Breeding and Genetics (EM-ABG) funded by the EU.  Bouda encouraged me to apply and gave me the confidence and hope and helped me patiently through the whole process. He even handed my application material in person to the EM-ABG office. His positive attitude and his genuine passion for helping Iranian students to reach their goals and pursue higher education inspired me and are hard to forget.  To make a long story short: I passed my English exam in no time. I was admitted to the program. I was subsequently trained by some of the best scientists in the field. I was able to travel Europe while meeting amazing people and building strong relationships that endure today. Bouda’s help put me on the path that led to a series of events in my life that shaped my professional and personal future: I received admission to my PhD program in the US and made a home there, met my husband and got a job as a research geneticist for a leading company. I don’t know if Bouda is fully aware how he has positively impacted my life. He helped when I needed it most and I will always appreciate what he did for me.



I met Bouda in 2003, when I was searching for information about suitable master programs in Wageningen University. His friendly approach, courage and professional attitude truly inspired me in the first place. Thanks to his valuable network and understanding of the education system and on top of that his serious will to help, I was able to know what I needed, got all appointments for interview and finally the admission to one of my favorite programs in Wageningen University in, unblievably, a very short time. Indeed Bouda played an important role for me to be where I am now and what I am proud of. I am so grateful Bouda!

The Netherlands 


I first met Bouda when I was gathering information about coming abroad for postgraduate studies. To my best luck bouda was helping Iranian students to get admissions for Master studies at Wageningen University. Through his generous help and guidance the admission process was completed very quickly and I got admitted for Medical Biotechnology field, which I always dreamed of pursuing. Not only Bouda helped me get into the master program in Wageningen University, he always encouraged me through the way with his positive attitude and giving personality. Many times I have used his opinion about the path of my study as well as life in general and he has always patiently given me hope, confidence and useful advices that have been very effective in my life and I have always appreciate him for that. He has always been a source of inspiration for me as a successful and ambitious person who can have great impact on the people around him. I am grateful to have met and known him.




The Netherlands 

5-ali tavakoli

A journey of thousands miles begins with the first step, however, you should know where to put that first step! More than three years ago, when I decided to abandon Iran to continue my education, honestly I was stepping in the dark path from the get go! Until I contacted someone whose attitude and advices was life changing for me. And that person was, Dr. Bouda Vosough Ahmadi. It was not all about the positive attitude he had -even in most chaotic situations-, but his supervision that had the highest caliber. His encouragement and advices helped me to find my way to the EU, and even in Europe every time I was facing an issue, Bouda was the first one whom I would contact, and he was almost always cheerfully trying to help me and guide me with the best of his knowledge or even sometimes asking others for a better advice.
Time has been passed and I'm about to be graduated from the university of Helsinki as a Master student. Now, Bouda is one my best friends and I hope one day I can be as successful as him!

You have my gratitude pal!
All the best

Ali Tavakoli
MSc. Food science and technology